Monday, April 16, 2012

Chocolate Chips Muffin

Thanks to Nigella Lawson. This muffin is a five star! Marvellous. I like it, the kids like it, my husband likes it...hope they like it too...

My son, Arieff, came to me, said that he wanted to order muffins for his friends' birthday party. He said 'order' ok...hahaha..nak bayar ibu ke...? order free lah tu kot...hehe... takpelah, Arieff punya pasal, ibu buat je... I have not been baking muffins for quite some times...then I decided to look for a new recipe... my uncle google suggested so many muffin recipes but Nigella Lawson's recipe caught my interest. From the review, everybody gives a five star rate. Well..should try this one then... turned out really nice and moist and so chocolately....
Happy Birthday Firdhaus..for Arieff's best buddy

Alhamdulillah, later an old friend datang bertandang, dapatlah bawak balik buah tangan muffin coklat ni...

Who wants to try...? refer here..
Who wants to order...? refer here..below..hehe
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Delivery services available upon request and shall be charged accordingly.

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