Saturday, March 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Abirah Eimani....again...

Princesses again...
It's birthday party at school...!!!! Yeay!!! Eimani celebrated her 2nd birthday bash now with her friends and teachers at Little Caliph's Kindergarten... A double happy for her.

double the joy for eimani
This time I made a chocolate cake since children like chocolate cake, thus this is a wise choice..i guess... oh I think I was right in this..hehe

Tuan rumah pun nak juga.....tiba-tiba teringin pulak nak makan chocolate cake...asyik buatkan untuk orang je I made extra..sikit je for the family...hmmm laju je budak-budak kat rumah ni makan..ibu dengan ayah baru makan sekeping...tengok-tengok...aikkk dah habis dah....? Alhamdulillah...sedap kot...

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