Monday, March 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Haziq Naufal

Haziq's special request - "I want a Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 cake"
It's my nephew's birthday today (17/3/2012)....Happy Birthday Haziq....It's his 6th year... Mak Ngah doakan semoga Haziq membesar menjadi anak yang soleh...belajar pandai2 ok...make us all proud...
Celebrating his birthday with his cousin, Eimani whose birthday is on 19/3...selang dua hari je birthday, so buat sekalilah...panggil close families and friends sekali...budak2 ni kalau buat birthday party memang seronok sekali..kita pun tumpang seronoklah tengok diorg ni dapat banyak hadiah...mostly mainanlah... I made the all-time favourite Chocolate Moist Cake...budak2 suka chocolate cake...and I just know how to tackle them...hehehe
Tackle the children with lots of M&Ms....hahah

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