Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Haziq Naufal

Haziq turned 7 yesterday (17/3/2013). Happy Birthday to Haziq, my nephew lah who else... Celebrated with family and friends, together with his cousin, my niece, Eimani whose birthday is tomorrow (19/3/2013).
I baked Haziq's cake. Eimani's cake, her mother belikan sendiri... A special request from the birthday boy...He wants a strawberry cake, with lots of strawberries and also a picture of trasformer on the cake...
Her mother suggested me to make a sponge cake of chocolate and strawberry, layered with fresh cream and strawberry filling. I also added fresh strawberry in between the layer.
Alhamdulillah the cake was a hit. Birthday boy suka, guests pun suka.... tapi mama birthday boy komplen dapat makan kek sikiiit je...and filling strawberry tak banyak..hehehe oklah next time letak banyak sikit... Thank you Julie...

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