Friday, September 14, 2012

Anniversary Cake

Tak lengkaplah Anniversary jika tiada kek ( it...? hehe....) Digagahkan jugalah buat kek yang memang dah lama mengidam nak membuatnya...It's a Rainbow Cake...I found this recipe from Martha Steward's.
But my rainbow cake colours are not so bright. Takut nak letak banyak sangat pewarna, actually x dpt nak agak pun byk mana pewarna yang perlu guna. Anyway, the colours turned out great, just nice...I like it...
The taste of the cake... It's marvellous...sedap... Actually what's best for the topping ye...? I googled here and there...reading reviews from blogs and forums..and discovered of many versions of toppings. Some use cream cheese topping, some use buttercream and some use whipping cream. Which is the best...? Everybody has their own taste, so it's up to you i guess...

After several consideration, I end up using cream cheese frosting to cover the cake, and whipped cream for the layers. It turned out great.
Warna tak berapa menyerlah...tapi semua org kata dah ok dah ni...tapi warna kuning dengan oren tu mcm sama je kan....
cantik pulak kan....

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